Media Advertising

1. Mason Mac Media are a full spectrum media advertising agency.

2. We work as a broker between an advertiser and the media source such as television, radio, online and print advertising across the UK. Working with the likes of Sky, terrestrial tv channels to national and regional radio stations such as the BBC or Capital FM, national and local print media, with success working with the likes of OK magazine, Heat, The Daily Mail and many more.

3. We also offer a fully managed social media packages across Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. We have shown to clients the use of social media to push their media advertising campaigns and this has been an effective tool for all who we have worked with.

4. Why use us? Quite simply, we get you a better deal, it costs you nothing to use us and we can fully manage your media advertising activity.

5. We have used every form of advertising in our history, so we can offer the best advice in what forms of media advertising will generate the maximum return. We speak to so many business owners, marketing and brand Managers every year and the one point that comes up time and time again is the uncertainty about what forms of media advertising work best for their type of business.

6. Not only do we deal in general areas of media advertising, but we also have access to media advertising and sponsorships in a variety of sports.

7. Our sports media advertising is a big part of our business. For a number of years now we have been working within a variety of sports including football, rugby league, rugby union, darts, boxing, olympic and paralympic athletes, motor sports and much more. This ranges from anything from grass roots level shirt sponsorships to premier league football clubs. We deal in an array of media advertising forms in sport, from football club pitchside hoardings to the main front of shirt club sponsorships. Find out more on our sports page.

8. Even though we are a small agency, we work with all types of media across the country as well as locally and now internationally.


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